As a premier custom injection molding company, Daystar Manufacturing does more than make a component and ship it to the customer. We offer full-service product support solutions, partnering with customers to define their product needs, resolve their production problems, and develop/improve their product lines.

Whether a customer needs assistance designing their part or process, our team is ready to help. We can identify shortcomings in injection mold designs and potential bottlenecks in injection molding operations and provide recommendations on how to redesign/rebuild to improve efficiency and/or reduce costs. We also maintain a range of logistical support services (shipping, inventory management, etc.) to streamline customer operations.

Our Product Support Capabilities

Full-Service Product SupportOur team provides support throughout customer projects. From product design and development to material consultation to mold making and repair to production, we offer assistance at every stage.

Production Equipment List

Our production facility houses six injection molding machines with clamping capacities ranging from 88 to 309 tons and shot capacities ranging from 5 to 30 ounces; they enable us to quickly produce a variety of components to tight tolerances in prototype or full production volumes. We are also equipped with hot stamping machines, ultrasonic welders, and various other machines and tools used for secondary manufacturing operations (machining, decorating, and assembly).

Secondary Services

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also offer the following project support services:

  • Turnkey project management (managed by a project manager from start to finish)
  • Mold repair (pre-production)
  • Material consultation (based on end-use/application)
  • Product development (enhance design/assembly to suit end-use)
  • Material inventory control (customer-supplied)

Inspection and Testing

All of our products undergo in-process inspection and testing after production and before packaging. Our inspection/testing processes include:

  • Cold impact testing
  • Durability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Pressure and stress testing

Production Volumes

The production volume for a project will vary from client to client. We accommodate prototype to full production volumes.

Lead Times

The lead times for projects will differ depending on the product and production needs. However, once the mold has been created, the typical lead time is two weeks or less. We also offer expedited services for rush orders and Just in Time (JIT) delivery for recurring orders.

How Does Daystar Manufacturing Help Customers?

Daystar Manufacturing is committed to helping customers carry their projects from concept to completion. We work with customers to resolve any problems that may arise, so they receive high-quality, cost-effective injection molded parts and products.

One way we help our customers is by ensuring their molds are suitable for their product and production needs. We have customers approach us seeking higher quality, faster lead times or more attentive customer service, and come to us looking for help. We’ll evaluate the condition of your existing molds to identify opportunities to improve quality, speed or efficiency. Since some molds are poorly maintained (e.g., are not clean or set up properly), we’ll go the extra mile to thoroughly evaluate and refurbish the mold to ensure production will proceed as efficiently as possible.

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Looking for an injection molding partner who goes above and beyond to meet your needs? Turn to the experts at Daystar Manufacturing! We offer a wide range of plastic injection molding and other manufacturing services so we can fully support our customer’s projects and provide complete turnkey solutions. From plastic product design to material selection to mold making to plastic injection molding and assembly, we can handle it all. Contact us today to learn more about our support services and how we can help you with your project.

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