The aspects of the use of technology and our expertise in plastics here at Daystar go far beyond our equipment and infrastructure. Our combined experience of over 75 years accounts for our strong capability to get your projects done. While computer aided design as well as computerized numerical controls on our equipment do solidify the our standing in the field, our experienced, dedicated personnel generally solve problems and accomplish tasks based on their depth of knowledge of their job.

Whether you are looking for tight tolerance dimensional plastic parts of highly cosmetic functional parts we have the ability to fine tune our processes to attain the quality level that you require. We specialize in molding engineering materials and also provide steady and consistent production of plastic products in commodity resins as well. We have the capability to assist our customers with their inventions and getting their product launched into the market for the first time and we are capable taking care of producing existing products with new or transfer tooling.

Please give us a call and you’ll find that we are eager, capable and happy to help.